Hearing from Coach Mike Tomlin

Coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media following the conditioning test at Steelers Training Camp.

Coach Mike Tomlin:Needless to say it was great to get started, to see everybody and start this process of team-building for 2013. Really good, productive run test. I like the overall level of conditioning and readiness of the men. We do have four guys that we're going to place on the P.U.P. (Physically Unable to Perform) List. Obviously, they're guys who have pre-existing circumstances that you know about. Heath Miller is still recovering from his knee injury. Same thing could be said for David Johnson, Sean Spence, and the latest addition is Alameda Ta'amu, who has a hamstring issue that is going to have him out a number of days. So, he'll be the fourth guy added to the list of three guys with known existing injuries. I don't have any prognosis in terms of their availability or even when we'll start the process of considering those guys. We'll kind of take it day-by-day and watch and monitor their progress. But all others are ready to go. We're excited to get started on good, even footing. We look forward to continuing with this development process.

Did anybody not run?
Other than the guys that I mentioned, no, we had good participation.

Is Mike Adams ok then?
Yes, he has got full clearance.

Re: Ben's knee:
He has a little bit of discomfort but that is not going to stop him. This position is not one that has a great deal of running. It is less of an issue for us and more of a personal issue for him, but he will be fine.

I saw Marcus Gilbert bending over, is he ok?
I didn't see that. It must have been after the test was over, because he completed his test successfully.

Sean Spence said he felt pretty comfortable with where he was at and he should return by midseason. Is there a possibility that you would leave the door open for him?
Yeah, I don't have any problems with those guys and the problems they have. That is where they are because they are not ready to go. We will find them an appropriate time. In regards to Sean Spence, obviously he is a hard working guy and we are excited about his progress.

Is Ben's discomfort any kind of set back?

Re: A lot of the guys that came in today said that they took the off season training more seriously:
I think you can talk yourself into believing in anything this time of year in regards to optimism. Guys came ready in good shape and are ready and excited to move forward. That is really how I look at it. I don't look at it in comparison to anything else. I'm more singly focused on the opportunity and challenge that is in front of us.

Re: Roethlisberger and the running test:
I'm not certain. We knew it was in debate on whether he was going to run or not, and I wasn't really looking. The quarterbacks run, but I was more concerned about looking at the big people. So I'm more concerned about watching the big people then the quarterbacks. [Laughs]

Re: Drafting guys at positions where you lost starters versus guys that can help immediately:
Probably not, I would imagine that if you would compare the others you would have similar comparisons. Historically speaking when you lose people, you replace people with capable draft picks, and that is just process. I don't think that it is any different from that perspective. But obviously we have some young people that will be given an opportunity to prove that.

What advice did you give C Maurkice Pouncey regarding the hat he wore?
I'll keep that between he and I. Obviously, like in all situations where I'm dealing with guys that are unrelated to performance, I think that's appropriate.

Just to clarify, Ta'amu's injury was a pre-existing injury?
Pre-existing, correct.

How many followers are you up to on Twitter?
I don't know. How about it? It should be exciting, me delving into the social media world. I figure we spend a lot of time talking to our guys about what to do and what not to do, I thought it would be appropriate and timely for me to show them. So, we'll see if I can do it in a professional manner.

Was setting an example a large part of you deciding to join Twitter?
Yes, and my kids are getting to the point in their life where I need to educate myself about it anyway, so I'm killing a couple birds with the same stone.

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