Harrison: 'It gets physical'

LATROBE, Pa. - Linebacker James Harrison can be a man of few words at times, but when he does speak, everyone loves to listen.

Harrison made a quick stop to talk prior to the team's first practice in pads on Sunday, and here is what he had to say.

On if the defense is communicating better:
"From what it was last year, to what it is now, definitely."

On what changes with the pads on:
"It gets physical. The game starts to be played. You get to see what a guy can do."

On if young guys try to hit immediately:
"You're going to do your job. That is part of the game."

On what kind of shape he is in:
"I'm alright. I can always get better."

And if you really want to know what kind of shape Harrison is in, the answer is easy to find. Just check him out on Twitter or Instagram and you will quickly see.

Holiday Time: If there is anyone who loves to put on the pads and hit, it would be linebacker Vince Williams.

"I love it," said Williams. "I feel like it's the first day of real football. I feel like this is the first day you know football is back. I feel like it's amazing. I feel like it's a holiday."

Williams said he is looking forward to what some of the young linebackers do with the pads on, but loves the fact that the linebacker unit is a blend of youth and experience.

"For the first time being here we have a nice blend of young and old guys," said Williams. "We have a great blend of guys that are seasoned, young, experienced. I am an old guy now. I have been here long enough. I know everything I feel like."

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