Harrison: 'I finally got out here'

LATROBE, Pa. – He's back.

And James Harrison's return to the field definitely kicked things up a notch in practice on Tuesday.

"I know when you get 92 back in the uniform that changes the climate a little bit," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "I think it did today."

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison returns to practice at Saint Vincent College.

Harrison practiced for the first time this training camp, and he was happy to put the pads on.

"I finally got out here and got a feel for playing football again," said Harrison after practice.

Harrison has been held out of practice by Coach Mike Tomlin, but he welcomed the normal routine again.

"Repetition builds muscle memory," said Harrison. "The more you are out here, the more you're doing it, the easier it becomes."

While Harrison is one of the most dedicated players in the weight room, getting on the field is not the same.

"There is a difference," said Harrison. "Three or four plays out here are a lot harder than running 10 sprints.

"I feel all right. It's day one. I've got four preseason games to get back in the swing of it before the regular season starts. It's just day one. I did what was expected for day one."

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