Harrison agrees to NFL interview

Linebacker William Gay said he will speak to the NFL regarding an Al Jazeera America documentary from last December that made allegations of PED use and named Harrison in the story. The individual who originally named Harrison as one of the players has since recanted what he said and the network actually no exits. The NFL, though, is still conducting an investigation and said if Harrison and other players named didn't agree to an interview they would be suspended.

"When it came down to it, if it went to a longer situation, I got the suspension," said Harrison. "The bigger outcome wasn't really worth it. I wouldn't be on the team. It would hurt the team. It would hurt my teammates and coaches. So, it was easier just to do the interview I guess."

The NFL set Aug. 25 as the date for interviews to have to be done to avoid suspension, but Harrison said he isn't certain what day the interview will take place or where, although he assumes it will be in Pittsburgh.

Harrison had previously been advised by the NFLPA not to do the interview, but he has nothing to hide and wants to do what is best for the team.

"They are asking me about PEDs, so I mean ask away," said Harrison. "You can ask me about PEDs. I never took a PED in my life. I never failed a drug test. You know, so it's simple. Whatever evidence they think they may have or reasoning for questioning me is out of my control. I really don't know."

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