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Happy to be home


By Teresa Varley

Latrobe, PA - Wide receiver/kick returner Eddie Drummond is happy to be back in his hometown. Drummond, originally from the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh, signed with the Steelers this week.

"I always grew up being a Steelers fan," said Drummond. "Even when I was in Detroit, they were in the Super Bowl. I was at the game going crazy, like a No. 1 Steelers fan. Hopefully, I can end my career here."

Drummond signed with the Detroit Lions as an undrafted rookie in 2002. He made the Pro Bowl in 2004 on special teams when he had two punt and two kickoff returns for touchdowns. He thinks he can get back to that point.

"Definitely," said Drummond. "I think I'm peaking right now. I feel like when I was in my Pro Bowl year, and being on a team like this will make a big difference."

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When Aaron Smith was asked if the defensive line was too old, he had a quick response.

"30 is the new 20," said a smiling Smith.

Limas Sweed is approaching practice with a whole new look these days.

Sweed has been spotted squinting during meetings and not picking up the ball, so was sent to the UPMC Eye Center in Pittsburgh this week for an exam. He came back to training camp with contact lenses and a prescription for eyeglasses.  

"I'm shocked, I really am," said Sweed of his improved vision. "If I can see better, I know I can catch better."

Sweed has a slight case of astigmatism, which is why he needs the glasses. The condition causes him to sometimes have blurred vision.

 "Hopefully, it's a winning edge for him," Tomlin said. "He's got to go out and catch footballs."

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