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Hampton's hometown heartache


By Teresa Varley 

Nose tackle Casey Hampton is dealing with a groin injury right now, but it's nothing compared to what his family is dealing with.

Hampton grew up in Galveston, Texas, an area that was ravaged by Hurricane Ike. Hampton's family was among those that suffered devastating losses.

"A lot of my cousins lost pretty much everything," said Hampton. "My stepdad lost everything. My mom had four feet of water in her house, she didn't lose everything because she didn't have carpeting and didn't get the mold. That's what hurt most of my family is the mold got everywhere from the carpeting. They had seven or eight feet of water."

Hampton's mother, Ivory Anderson, lives in a portion of Galveston where the sea wall is built up and that is what protected her from a total loss. She did lose furniture and things that were on the floor, but was able to save many things as well. It's still too much for her to have to deal with.

"She wants to move," said Hampton. "Her house didn't have any structural damage, it just got flooded. She just doesn't want to deal with it any more. I am probably going to get another house for her somewhere.
"I wouldn't mind her staying. That is where we are from. That is where I am from. But if she wants to leave that is up to her. All of my family members that were there lost everything. They are done. They are not going back. There is nothing for them to go home to. They are going to try and start over where they are."

Those who lost everything lived in the area where Hampton grew up in the projects in the low lying area, where it's is living in hotels or with other family outside of Galveston right now. 

"FEMA is helping them out until they can find jobs and get the kids in school," said Hampton. "They are doing the best they can. The government is helping them out. I am trying to do what I can do for them so they can get back on their feet and do what they need to do."

One of the most difficult things for Hampton during this ordeal is not being able to be right there for the family. But he feels blessed that they are all safe since they were able to evacuate the area before the storm hit.
"It's tough but at the same time as long as all of them got out that is the main thing," said Hampton. "You can replace things. You can't replace lives. As long as they got out and they are healthy I am cool."

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