Haden setting his sights on 8 INTs

Joe Haden started his day off talking to the media via zoom, and finished it talking to the fans via a Steelers Nation Unite Huddle.

Some of the fan's questions went in a different direction, from his favorite career interception, songs on his game day playlist, and who had the most influence on him from the cornerback position.

But one topic that came up in both interviews referenced his time in Cleveland. Haden was asked to compare Steelers fans to Browns fans, and while he gave both fan bases props, the way the Steelers organization is operated as a whole is what really stands out to him.

"The biggest difference for me is organizational wise," said Haden. "The owners. The Rooneys. They have been here for so many years. They don't really like to switch coaches. They have had three coaches in the last 50 years, something like that. It's very stable here. From the owner, to the general manager, to the head coach, they are on the same page and get it.

"It's a history. It's a tradition of winning. Growing up it was always the Steel Curtain, championships. They had a great fan base. The organization is run well. It's all about winning. They treat people well. They have good people in the organization. Everything works together here. I am just excited to be here."

Haden, who signed with the Steelers on Aug. 31, 2017, one day after the Browns released him, said it was Coach Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger who were part of the reason he signed.

"Ben and Coach T were the primary reasons I came to the Steelers as a free agent," said Haden. "I knew Ben was a baller. I played against him for years. Meeting Coach T in the draft process, I loved him. Ben is a Hall of Fame quarterback who can throw the ball, put it in any spot. He makes us better in practice as a secondary."

And when it comes to improvement in the secondary, Haden is looking for that from himself. He was asked how many interceptions he wants to nab in 2020, and it's a step up from 2019. 

"I am expecting to get eight," said Haden. "I had five last year. I easily could have had nine. I dropped four picks. Embarrassing. My goal this year is to have at least eight picks."

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