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Getting To Know: Shamarko Thomas


The following is the latest installment of Getting To Know, a chance to learn a little more about Steelers' players who were added to the roster over the last few years.

Position: S

Height: 5-9

Weight: 217

College: Syracuse

Years Pro: 2

How Acquired: No. 4a, 2013

Football Mentor/Inspiration: My family. I have uncles and step-dads that played football so I just fell in love with the game that way.   

Proudest Football Moment/Memory: Getting drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Getting drafted is a dream come true. You dream about it since the age of five and it finally comes true. That was my biggest moment.

Favorite Teammate: Troy (Polamalu) and Ryan Clark. Those are my mentors but they're also like a father figure to me.

Initial NFL Attraction: Just the excitement. You have crazy fans, and then you have players like Troy and Brian Dawkins and Sean Taylor making big hits. I like making big hits and that just attracted me to the game.    

Football Philosophy: Go hard, full go and fast. And give out big hits.      

Impression of Pittsburgh: Amazing environment, I just love it.   

Perception of Steelers: Family and winning. It shows in the way the whole team puts in work and how they're dedicated to the game. 

Goals/Aspirations for 2014: I have a lot of goals but I'm just staying focused and training hard.

Career Goals:Hopefully I can stay in this league as long as possible and be one of the greatest players to play this game.

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