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Getting To Know: Lance Moore


The following is the latest installment of Getting To Know, a chance to learn a little more about Steelers' players who were added to the roster over the last few years.

Position: WR

Height: 5-9

Weight: 190

College: Toledo

Years Pro: 9

How Acquired: UFA, 2014

Football Mentor/Inspiration: When I was growing up I loved the 49ers. Playing receiver, obviously, I loved Jerry Rice.   

Proudest Football Moment/Memory: Winning a Super Bowl with New Orleans down in Miami.

Favorite Teammate: Pierre Thomas down in New Orleans. When he came in a couple of years after me his locker was next to mine. We were forced to talk to each other every day and kind of formed that bond. We became pretty good friends.

Initial NFL Attraction: The 49ers threw the ball all over the place at a time when not a lot of teams were doing that. That really got me excited about playing the receiver position. I dreamed of one day being good enough to get to this level.    

Football Philosophy: I try to approach the game every day as if I still haven't made it. I want to work as hard as I possibly can, harder than the year before. I know as you get older it's harder to stay in this thing. I start everything with the way I work.      

Impression of Pittsburgh: A whole lot of hills, a lot different than Columbus, Ohio, where I'm from, and then New Orleans. All the hills are definitely something you have to get used to.   

Perception of Steelers: Championship organization. Six Lombardi Trophies, you see them every day when you walk in. That's something you can't ignore. That's why we all play. The main goal at the end of the day is to win a championship. 

Goals/Aspirations for 2014:Do whatever I can to help the team win, stay healthy and contribute in any way.  

Career Goals: I'd like to win another Super Bowl. You win one and everything else under that just doesn't compare. Making it to the playoffs is not enough. Winning a bunch of games is not enough. Winning that ring is what it's all about.

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