Get creative and design Minkah's cleats

During the COVID-19 pandemic art has brought people together in different manners, from murals, to sidewalk chalk designs, to signs in homes and front yards showing love and positivity. And now, one lucky fan will have the opportunity to have their artwork on cleats being worn by safety Minkah Fitzpatrick.

As a side to the Steelers My Cause My Cleats game, one fan will be able to design a pair of cleats that Fitzpatrick will wear later this season. While my Cause My Cleats showcases causes the players are passionate about, these cleats are about expressing positivity through artwork.

"It's a cool opportunity for the fans," said Fitzpatrick. "It's interactive. It gives them an opportunity to express themselves, but also interact with the players. It's a chance for them to show their artwork, their support. It should be a fun experience."

Whether you are a skilled artist or just love color by numbers, everyone can give it a shot by submitting their artwork.

"Get creative is what I would say," said Fitzpatrick. "Be as creative as possible. Think outside the box.

"Art is a way that people express their inner feelings. If someone does it on the cleat, and I can relate to them, it will be an awesome opportunity to allow me to show the world how that individual is feeling."

All designs will be reviewed, with the winning design ultimately decided on by Fitzpatrick and then painted on his cleats by local artist Cody Sabol, who has designed players cleats for the initiative through the years.

"I think people should come up with whatever they think is cool themselves," said Sabol. "This is creating the coolest, funniest idea you can think of. I think something that will pop on the field will be a great place to start.

"Doing art allows you to express thoughts and feelings and things in your mind and heart. That is a healthy way of dealing with stress and anxiety and the things the pandemic brought upon us. The more art the better."

Fitzpatrick will wear the cleats during one game, but also might wear a different pair of cleats that represent a cause he is passionate about for one of the other games the league has designated for My Cause My Cleats.

"It's a cool opportunity to allow guys if they have their own cause or charity, to show that, let them get it out there and show people what they are doing," said Fitzpatrick. "That makes it really cool."

So bring out your creative side, bring out your caring side, and put your imagination to work.


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