First practice goes well for rookies

Steelers' rookie minicamp kicked into full gear on Friday, with players getting their first taste of an NFL practice.

And from the sounds of things, despite there being a case of information overload, it was successful.

"Everything went good," said second-round pick Le'Veon Bell, a running back from Michigan State. "It's a little different from college to an NFL practice. I don't think my first day could have gone any better. I didn't mess up any assignments or anything. That was a good thing. I am just out here competing with better competition."

The group went through early morning meetings, before hitting the field to put what they learned in the classroom to the test.

"It went good," said quarterback Landry Jones, the fourth-round pick from Oklahoma. "I had a lot of fun out here, but obviously there is still a lot of learning for me, putting in the whole offense and getting into all of it. I had a good time. It was a great opportunity."

Jones said picking up the offense is like anything else new, it's going to take time to become comfortable with it.

"There is just more information (than college)," said Jones. "I just need to get in there and study my playbook, but overall I thought it was a pretty positive first day. I am here to learn football. They gave me the opportunity to come and play so I am here to play some football and have some fun."

The feeling was the same down the line, players anxious to have fun, while at the same time competing and showing what they can do.

"I want to go out and compete," said Bell. "I want to get my feet under me and get used to these NFL practices and the NFL competition. The guys out here running around are a little faster. I am just trying to get used to it and get a feel for it. That's what makes me better and the people around me better. That's what will make this team better. I have to go out there and do some good things. That will put me in the right direction."

Bell, whose mother and grandfather grew up Steelers' fans, was in Pittsburgh following the draft at the team's Fan Blitz, and said he couldn't wait to get back for the minicamp.

"This is my first time that I can remember being so excited for practice" said Bell. "My family grew up as Steelers fans. They are really happy for me. I can't wait to talk to my mom and tell her how my first practice went."

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