Final thoughts from 3 on MNF


The Steelers will travel to San Diego today to take on the Chargers on Monday Night Football.

Before heading out, they had a few final thoughts on this week's game. *Cornerback Will Gay: *

On playing in prime time:
"At the end of the day it's another game, another week, and it's another time for us to try to get a win."

On if this week is a must win:
"Every week is a must win. You don't want to go in and say if we lose it's cool. Once you get between the white lines, Monday night is for the fans. It's just a backyard football game for us. Once you get between the lines, all you know is you are playing against somebody and you have to win."Quarterback Mike Vick:

On the Steelers' offense:
"I am getting comfortable with the plays, comfortable with the offense. I just want to make sure everything is ingrained in my mind. Take it one day at a time, one play at a time."

On playing the Chargers on Monday night:
"It's a road game. It's going out to the West Coast. In this league you have to understand every week the opposition is going to be hard to beat, hard to close out. It's all about execution and we have to get it done."

Wide receiver Markus Wheaton;

On playing on Monday Night Football with all eyes watching:
"I think we embrace it as a team, it's something we get extremely excited about. But once you get on the field you don't think about. Once you get on the field, it's just football. Regardless of who is watching it's football once the game starts."

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