Farrior: 'It was a special feeling'


This Sunday the Steelers will take on the Seattle Seahawks in a rematch the team's win in Super Bowl XL.

Members of that Super Bowl XL team shared what it meant to them to play for the Steelers and how special that time was.

Running back Willie Parker:
"It meant a lot. It brings back memories just being in this locker room. It feels like I want to suit up. Being around these guys, there are memories for my whole life. Anybody that played for the Steelers would say the same thing. It is a brotherhood that never ends."

Quarterback Tommy Maddox:
"This organization has been able to stand the test of time a lot of organizations haven't been able to. To be able to say you are part of the best organization in sports is pretty special."

Cornerback Willie Williams:
"It's hard to come up with words to describe it but it's the best thing to happen to me personally. I was always a big time Steelers fan as a young kid and to come here and help win a Super Bowl with them, it felt wonderful."

Running back Jerome Bettis:
"When you are playing for the Steelers you don't truly understand the greatness of the organization and what they do. Once you retire you appreciate it more the fact that you had the opportunity to play for such a great organization. It means a whole lot more."

Game action photos from Super Bowl XL between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks at Ford Field in Detroit, MI

Cornerback Ricardo Colclough:
"It was amazing. It was a great experience. It's the best organization I could play for."

Wide receiver Lee Mays:
"It was a blessing to play for the Steelers. To know the history and how well the Rooney family runs everything. You can't really put it into words. It's a 'Class A' organization and you can tell by how they run everything."

Running back Verron Haynes:
"It was a dream come true to play for the Steelers. When you think about the Steelers you think first and foremost class. It starts up front with Mr. Dan Rooney. They run the organization perfectly. A lot of people don't see the behind the scenes that leads to the success to the Steelers, the many countless hours that people put in that don't get the recognition but accept that because of how the Rooneys run the organization. From the moment you walk into the Steelers facility, you sense the aura is not just mind blowing, but it's contagious. That is what the Steelers are all about, a class act."

Guard Trai Essex:
"It meant everything in the world. Growing up as a kid I was always a Steelers fan. Rod Woodson is from my hometown of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. To get drafted by the Steelers, to hear Coach (Bill) Cowher call my name on draft day, to have him call me and ask if I want to be a Pittsburgh Steeler, I couldn't ask for a better moment in my life."

Linebacker James Farrior:
"When I first got to the team signing from the Jets, I really didn't understand the total history of the team, the legacy of the Steelers. Once I got here it was pretty obvious the history and legacy of the team. Everybody knew they won a bunch of Super Bowls back in the 1970s, but being here and being in the atmosphere, being around older players I watched growing up, and playing with guys I admired my entire career. It was a special feeling. Once I got in the locker room guys made me feel like I was at home and it felt like I was there my entire career."

Nose tackle Casey Hampton:
"It meant everything. The greatest football organization out there. How the Rooneys are, as a family, as an organization, it's a big deal."

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