Fan Reminders for AFC Divisional Playoff Game

The Steelers and Heinz Field management would like to remind fans attending Saturday's AFC Divisional Playoff Game against the Baltimore Ravens about some traffic, access and security matters.

Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Fans are encouraged to arrive early to avoid anticipated heavy traffic and last minute crowds at the gates, and to enjoy in-stadium pregame festivities. All fans entering Heinz Field will be subject to full pat downs.

Gates A and B (The Coca-Cola Great Hall and the South Plaza) will open at 1:30 p.m., approximately three hours prior to kickoff. Gate C (access to the seating bowl, club lounges and suites) will open at 2:30 p.m.

Fans are also reminded of the following stadium policies:

·   Signage and apparel with foul language or inappropriate messages are prohibited in Heinz Field. Fans with signage or apparel bearing foul language will not be allowed into Heinz Field or will be subject to expulsion from the stadium.

·   Coolers, bags, backpacks and large purses (larger than 8½ by 11) will be prohibited. Small purses, fanny packs, small camera cases and binocular cases and diaper bags will be permitted, however, all bags are subject to inspection. All bags that do not pass security must be returned to vehicles. In addition, Thermoses will not be permitted in the stadium.

·   Media must present identification and check-in prior to being admitted to the stadium.


·   Media planning on exiting and re-entering the stadium at any point on game day must have their credential "scanned-out" before exiting in order for it to be valid for re-entry.


Heinz Field management recommends that all fans lock their vehicles and keep personal belongings out of sight before entering the stadium. Fans are advised to not leave valuables in their vehicles during games.

New South Plaza Seating


Thirteen hundred temporary seats that were added to Heinz Field for the Winter Classic will remain in the South Plaza throughout the Steelers' postseason. The seats provide additional opportunities for fans to attend a Steelers game, as well as great new sightlines for watching all of the action.


Ticketed fans who regularly choose to stand in the South Plaza to watch Steelers games are recommended to use their seats due to the limited standing room available behind the South end zone.

Counterfeit Tickets

The Steelers and Heinz Field management are warning fans to watch out for counterfeit tickets when attempting to make a purchase from scalpers. Fans looking to purchase tickets are advised to only purchase tickets from the Steelers ticket office or access the team's online NFLTicketExchange service by logging on to or by visiting and clicking the "Ticket Exchange" box on the homepage. Fans are advised not to purchase paper tickets from scalpers because of the possibility of counterfeiting.

Recycling Program


The Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) and its partners will continue the successful "Let's Tackle Recycling" campaign to collect recyclables from tailgate parties outside of Heinz Field and staffing a "drop off" station outside the stadium. Alco Parking attendants will distribute large blue recycling bags to fans as they enter six designated parking lots located along General Robinson Street. Tailgaters will be encouraged to place all bottles, cans and plastic containers in the bags during their pre-game parties. The campaign gathered nearly five tons of recyclables at Steelers games in December.


Fans without pre-sold parking and cash parkers arriving after 1:30 p.m. should utilize:

·         Blue 10 (North Shore) Garage and Allegheny Center Garage (access from North on I-279 via Exit 2B; from East/North on Rte 28 via Lacock Street; or from South/West or East via I-279 North, Exit 1D, then left on Madison Avenue and left on East Ohio Street.

·         Golden Triangle and Station Square parking.


Reserved, pre-sold parking lots around the stadium open at 11:30 a.m. to game day parkers. Tailgating is permitted in the pre-sold lots surrounding the stadium. Reedsdale Street eastbound, via the West End Bridge, will be opened for the game providing access to pre-sold Gold Lot 1, Red 5 Garage and Red 7 Lots.

For $5.00, convenient Golden Triangle parking is available at nine (9) Pittsburgh Parking Authority garages and the Convention Center. The Fifth Avenue Place garage also provides parking for $5.00.


From Golden Triangle parking garages, fans can enjoy a pleasant walk to Heinz Field via the Ft. Duquesne Bridge walk and sidewalks on the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

Fans seeking front door service can park in the First Avenue Garage and catch a shuttle bus to Art Rooney Avenue near Gate A at Heinz Field (see below).

Front door service is available by shuttle bus and shuttle boat for those who park at the Grant Street Transportation Center (at Penn Avenue and Twelfth Street) or Convention Center (see below).

Park & Ride from the Golden Triangle Garages with Convenient Bus Shuttles 

Want front door service to Heinz Field? If you park in the Golden Triangle, you can ride on a Shuttle Bus (for only $2.00 per person, each way). Shuttles operate two hours before kickoff and 45 minutes after the game. All shuttles will travel across the Clemente Bridge. Stops include Liberty Avenue across from the Wood Street "T" Station, Liberty Avenue at Heinz Hall and Sixth Street at Ft. Duquesne Blvd.  At Heinz Field, Shuttles stop at Art Rooney Avenue near Gate "A."


Consider two garages with convenient access and Shuttles:

•       First Avenue Garage – from East via I-376 (westbound) use Exit 71B (old 1D) to Second Avenue; and from South/West via I-376 (eastbound) use Exit 71-A (old Exit 1C).  Shuttles begin adjacent to garage.

•       Grant Street Transportation Center Garage – from West (South) via I-376 use Exit 70B (old 6C) and from North via I-279 use Exit 1A (old 6C) (10th Street Bypass/Convention Center) to Penn Avenue and 12th Street. Shuttle stops on 11th Street at Penn Avenue (adjacent to Convention Center).

For more information, contact Port Authority Customer Service at (412) 442-2000.

Boat Shuttles from Golden Triangle and Strip District

You can enjoy a boat shuttle ride from the Allegheny Wharf to/from Heinz Field.  Access the Allegheny Wharf via steps at the south end of the Clemente Bridge near Ft. Duquesne Boulevard. Boat shuttles begin three hours prior to kickoff. Return shuttles begin at the end of the 3rd quarter and continue until one hour after the game concludes.

From the Strip District, 23rd Street area, to/from Heinz Field, shuttle boat rides are available 2½ hours and 1½ hours prior to kickoff. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Visit for additional information. Parking is available in the public garage at 24th Street ($6.00).

Station Square Boat Shuttles

Park at Station Square ($8.00) and ride the Gateway Clipper Fleet Steelers shuttle boats ($5.00 per person, each way).

Traffic Alerts

PennDOT, the Pittsburgh city police and other partners are working with the Steelers and Heinz Field management to facilitate event access and to provide tips that will help with your game day commute:

Post-Game Traffic


Route 28 Alternate Routes to Consider:

One lane on Rte 28 North (between the 31st Street Bridge and the 40th Street Bridge) has been closed for construction.  Fans who normally exit via Rte 28 North, may want to consider the following alternate routes:

•   I-279 North via HOV

•  16th Street Bridge to 40th Street Bridge (via Liberty Avenue and Butler Street)


Parkway West (I-376 West), Alternate Routes to Consider:

1.     To Beaver and Butler counties, northwest Pennsylvania or northeast Ohio

•   I-279 North via HOV, then North on I-79

•   Route 65 North

o North on Rte. 65 (Ohio River Blvd.)

o North on Rte. 65 (via HOV to I-279 North; South on Camp Horne Road to Rte. 65 North at Emsworth)

•   Route 51 North (via Rte. 65 North; McKees Rocks Bridge South; Rte. 51 North: then Neville Road North to return to Rte. 51)

•   Route 60 North (South/West on Steuben Street [to Ingram]; North on Rte. 60)

2.    To Washington or Green counties, West Virginia or southeast Ohio

•   Route 51 North to I-79 South (via Rte. 65 North; McKees Rocks Bridge South; Rte. 51 North; then Neville Road North to I-79 South)

•   Route 60 North to I-79 South (via Steuben Street south/west [to Ingram] and Rte. 60 North; then South on I-79 or to I-376 West)

•   Route 50 West to I-79 South (North on Rte. 60 [via Noblestown Road]; then West on Rte. 50 to I-79 South [Carnegie] or I-79 South [Kirwan Heights])

•   Greentree Road to I-79 South (South on Greentree Road [via Rte. 60 and Wabash Street]; then West on Rte. 50 to I-79 South [Kirwan Heights])

•   Route 19 South

o South on Rte. 19 (Banksville Road)

o Truck Rte. 19 (West Liberty Avenue)

Golden Triangle Streets CLOSED, follow detour

•  Stanwix Street, from Penn Avenue to Liberty Avenue.

•  Ft. Duquesne Blvd., eastbound (postgame only), Stanwix Street to Sixth Street.


Commercial Trucks


Commercial trucks and oversized vehicles are prohibited from traveling on North Shore local roads surrounding Heinz Field from three hours prior to kickoff until 1½ hours after the conclusion of the game.

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