Edmunds shares his love of reading

Trey Edmunds grew up with the joy of reading being a part of his life. Whether it was your typical kid's books, or ones about Black history that his mother encouraged him to challenge himself by reading, he always found happiness with a book in his hands.

So, it was only appropriate that Edmunds grabbed a book on Tuesday and took part in a virtual assembly with all of the students from Pittsburgh Faison as a part of Read Across America Day.

"I am blessed and humbled to be amongst you guys today and to represent another part of the community and be able to read to you," said Edmunds. "I am so happy to be here today. What I do want to say is I was in some of the same positions as you guys. I grew up listening to people come back and read to me. Some of those same people I have been in contact with many years later. Some of those same things they have read to me, I have had the privilege of reading to some of the people I mentor, some of the young people in my life, whether it's cousins, nephews. I am extremely happy today."

Edmunds read the New York Times best seller, 'What Do You Do With An Idea?' by Kobi Yamada, to the students. It's a book that encourages kids if you have an idea, even if it is different and not everyone accepts it right away, stick with it because it can change the world.

When he was finished reading, Edmunds shared some exciting news with the kids, that the Steelers were presenting each of them with a book of their own. He also revealed to them that he and his brothers, Steelers safety Terrell Edmunds and Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, just released their own kids book, 'My Brother's Keeper – What This Means to Me…' by the EBOYZ, which provides positive messages to kids.

Edmunds also took questions from the kids, from what their daily schedule is like during the season, if they have fun in football meetings and why he plays football.

One of the questions he really enjoyed answering is what his favorite book is, which is 'The Alchemist.'

"I read that book maybe three times," said Edmunds. "I first read it in high school, I read it when I was graduating college, and I just read it last year in 2020. I like that book because it has a lot of gems in it, a lot of things I can take that is applicable to life, a lot of things I can relate to. It's helped me along my way a lot of times."

Edmunds said he began reading at a young age because his mom, Felicia Edmunds, is an educator and always encouraged it. As a result, he has read to kids in the past, and plans on doing more of it this year.

"My mother is an elementary school teacher, so she had me doing all of that stuff when I was in high school, college, as a matter of fact I have to go to her school to read for the month of March. It keeps me on my toes, attentive. I am a big reader myself, so when I get the opportunity to read to kids, I like that type of interaction.

"My mother had me reading at a very young age. My mother is an educator, my grandmother was an educator, so I always read books from the school's library. Some of them I would say this is too much for me and she would say sit there and figure it out. I learned how to read more and more."

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