Dedication Equals Success…A New Beginning


PSSI Stadium Corp. is pleased to announce that 223 Team Members have achieved 100% attendance for all Pittsburgh Steelers andUniversity of Pittsburgh games, therefore making them eligible for **

Team Members, who achieved Dedication Equals Success…A New Beginning, enjoyed a fun filled evening at Heinz Field.  The theme was a 1970's Disco Fever Party where guests were encouraged to wear costumes that portrayed looks of the 70's era.  Among some of the activities and highlights of the night were Music by Mercedez, Dancing , Bagel Bites, Frito Pie, a Yellow Beetle Bug along with a 1972 VW Bus.

The highlight of the evening was special guest appearances by Mr. Dan Rooney, Chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Mr. Steve Pederson, Athletic Director of the University of Pittsburgh!

Thank you to everyone for making this a very special season.  We hope to increase our numbers each year.  See you next season!

Photo Album - photos by Danielle Hudak

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