Davis Conference Call




Linebacker - University of California-Los Angeles

3rd Round – 88th Overall

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Bruce how do you feel about playing Outside Linebacker in this defense?

I feel great about it. I actually played outside linebacker my sophomore year at UCLA. I went to the Senior Bowl as an outside linebacker. I feel very comfortable and feel that I have the skills to do so.

Are you good with coverage ability?

I can run man-to-man coverage just fine. I have the ability to drop back in the zone.

Can you talk about growing up as a kid with a father in the NFL?

It was the best experience that I could have as a little boy. Every kid wants to grow up being like their dad, and I'm no exception. It just so happens that my dad was an NFL football player for 12 years. I was able to go to practice, after they would win a big game he would put me on his shoulders and make a couple laps around the field. We would go in the locker room and celebrate with the team. He was always there for me growing up. He would help me scout out the guys that I would be playing the next week in college. He has been a great tool to have.

Do you remember any of your dad's teammates?

I remember all of them, but the one that I remember the most would be Mike Rozier. He used to pick on me a little bit. He would tell me that I sounded like a little girl. He would always mess with me, and as soon as I got to the locker room I would look for him, and go mess with him.

How old were you then?

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I was really young, probably 5 or 6.

Your dad must have some good memories about playing the Steelers, having played for the Raiders and Oilers.

Yeah he did, it's funny I actually got a chance to meet Mean Joe Greene. He was telling me about how back in the day how big my dad was. He was one of the first 300 pounders. He was back in the day when the offensive lineman were 270-280. Joe Greene was telling me about going against him, and how much bigger he was than everybody else.

Did Joe Greene tell you that your dad held him?

* *

Yeah all those defensive guys well tell you that. I might have to agree that you have to stick with your defense.

I bet your dad immediately called and said the Steelers?

He didn't care, he just said that it is going to be a great city for you to go play linebacker, and they have a really rich tradition. It was mostly just screaming back and forth, because yesterday was a long day for us. We sat there for about six hours and nothing really happened. We were just happy, and my mom called and she had all her friends over there. All I said was mom and there was a bunch of screaming over there. It was a very good feeling.

Were you expecting to go a little higher?

I thought I was, whether teams thought I was or not. I guess not. I got drafted where I did and I have no problem with it. I'm so ready to go to Pittsburgh. They have such a rich tradition. They have some of the best fans in the NFL. I couldn't have picked it better myself. I can't wait to get there.

Did you know that the Steelers had that much interest in you, or is it to hard to tell?

At the combine I took that test that they administer, I spoke with Coach Tomlin and the staff. I met with them, but it's kind of hard to tell. They meet with so many guys, and I met with so many teams. It's really hard to gauge it. I told myself I would get picked by whoever really wanted me on their football team, and I'm glad it was the Steelers.

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They have a rich tradition on taking college 4-3 ends and turning them into 3-4 outside linebackers. What do you think about that?

That's a great sign. There is definitely a rich tradition at outside linebacker. It is a great feeling to know that the coaching staff, and hopefully the people of Pittsburgh feel the same way about me. I know the tradition that I have to carry on. Tradition is very important to me.

When did you meet Joe Greene?

At the Senior Bowl, and then again at the combine.

What test did they give you at the combine?

A personality test.

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