Opponents on Steelers

Colts are talking about JuJu, Heinz Field & more

The Steelers host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at Heinz Field, a team they have had a good track record against throughout the years.

The Steelers lead the series, 24-6, and have a 15-2 record at home. The Steelers won the last meeting between the two teams, a 20-17 win in 2017 on the road. The Steelers also won the last meeting at Heinz Field, a 45-10 victory in 2015.

Colts Coach Frank Reich said he knows playing at Heinz Field won't be an easy task for his team.

"Pittsburgh is a fun place to play at," said Reich. "It's a great football environment as well, a tough place to play, hostile environment, a good football team – well-coached, physical team."

The Colts talked more about playing at Heinz Field, the defense,

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Head Coach Frank Reich on if he talks to his players about the environment at Heinz Field:
"We talk a little bit. We talk in general, 'Hey, this is like Arrowhead – another great place to play, another good football environment, another hostile environment. Hey, we went to Arrowhead and did a nice job.' It's that same mindset. Offensively, Jacoby (Brissett) reminded the guys today that we went to Arrowhead and had like no pre-snap penalties and stuff like that. We've got to have that same focus, concentration. You do make parallels that you can draw from and learn from, yes."

Offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni on what stands out about the Steelers defense:
"This is a talented group, a very talented group. They have good players, good coaches (and) a good scheme. You think of good defenses (and) you think of Pittsburgh Steelers. That's no exception to this year's team."

Sirianni on the Steelers balanced defense:
"They are good up front and the defensive line, good young linebackers. The secondary has good proven players. So yeah, it's an all-around good defense."

Sirianni on Devin Bush and his turnover production:
"We know games are won and lost in the turnover battle. That's not just this game. Knowing that we are playing a team that creates a lot of turnovers, it's not just our emphasis this game, it's an emphasis every game that we play."

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett on if he looks at film from when he started against the Steelers two years ago when Andrew Luck was injured:
"I'll watch it just because some of the things are the same (and) some of the players are still there. But every year is so different."

Reich on the history between the Steelers and Colts and if he goes into the archives for motivation:
"I was actually going to do that this morning and at the last minute I decided against it. I decided against it. Obviously, organizationally they have gotten the best – the Steelers have gotten the best of the Colts – for a while here. At the end of the day, it kind of goes against the 1-0 mantra, you know what I mean? I just decided it really doesn't matter. Nothing in the past matters and nothing in the future matters."

Wide receiver T.Y. Hilton on his impression of the Steelers defense this year:
"Same defense, just different guys playing different positions. They're very tough. I haven't beat them since I've been here. I'm hyped up about it. I look forward to the challenge."

Hilton on if Heinz Field is a tough place to play:
"It's very tough. They love to bring it, their fans love to bring it, especially when they start waving their yellow towels. We've got to get the crowd out of the game early and just continue to build that momentum."

Center Ryan Kelly on his impression of the Steelers defense:
"Impressive, a lot of guys who have been in that defense for a long time now. They have had guys who have been in that specific defense for four to eight years. They play the defense really well, kind of like Denver. They do a little bit different stuff than Denver, but they're in that AFC North and that's a tough division to play in. They get after it. Running the ball is going to be huge and protecting Jacoby (Brissett) is going to be important. Then playing on the road, obviously, you have to get after it early and kind of take the air out of the stadium."

Linebacker Darius Leonard on going against Mason Rudolph and if they want to try and go after him and get in his head early:
"No, I think they have some great running backs. I really think they're going to try to run the ball a lot. I think once they try to go from there, they'll try to use the quarterback and try to get JuJu Smith-Schuster involved quick."