Colbert talks Tomlin, cover-2 on SNR


LATROBE, Pa. – General Manager Kevin Colbert spent some time with Bob Labriola and Adam Crowley on Wednesday afternoon as part of the day's original programming on Steelers Nation Radio.

Before training camp opened, the Steelers signed both Colbert and Coach Mike Tomlin to contract extensions, and Colbert talked about why he and Tomlin have been able to work so well together.

As a regular part of his duties, Colbert and the rest of the personnel department watch every video of every offseason workout, and he also explained how those evaluations will change now that the team is practicing in pads.

During the interview, Colbert also explained the major function of the personnel department during this time that falls between the forming of the 2015 roster and the preparations soon to begin for the work done to prepare for the 2016 NFL Draft.

Finally, Colbert offered his opinion on the direction of the defense under new coordinator Keith Butler; he explained some of the concepts behind cover-2; and he reminisced about the training camp two years ago when Tomlin first inserted live tackling into each afternoon practice.

All of this, and more, can be heard on this special segment of Steelers Nation Radio featuring General Manager Kevin Colbert.

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