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Coates: 'We have a chance to do great things'


LATROBE, Pa. – Rookie wide receiver Sammie Coates is quickly getting his feet wet in his first NFL training camp, and likes the way things are progressing.

"It's going good. It's fun," said Coates, the team's third-round draft pick out of Auburn. "You get in the pads, learn from the older guys who have been here and done it. Getting better every day is part of the game."

Coates is likely to see a little more work this week with fellow receiver Martavis Bryant out with a shoulder injury, and is utilizing it to get his timing down with the quarterbacks.

"It's getting better every day," said Coates. "We are working hard and making sure everything is down pat. We are doing a great job so far. I want to get better every day. That is the goal at practice.

"Ben is a great quarterback. He knows everything. You try to take it in, learn from him, what he says and tells you to do."

He is also listening to the advice of his fellow receivers, who are all there to help the young receiver.

"All the wide receivers are helping a lot," said Coates. "They have been doing it for a long time. It's been good to work with them."

Coates will get his first taste of real NFL action this Sunday when the Steelers play the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. He is looking forward to the opportunity, the first time he will put on a Steelers uniform on game day.

"I am ready to get back to playing games again," said Coates. "I just want to show them how I can help win. Every day that is the goal. I am excited to show them that. I am excited about being in a uniform on game day. It's going to be fun. Being with the Steelers is great and I am ready to showcase my talent.

"We have a chance to do great things if everybody keeps working and getting better every day."

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