Coach Tomlin talks Friday Night Lights

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

Opening Statement:Awesome atmosphere tonight. We really appreciate the atmosphere we have with our fans here, being able to feel that, and have them inspire us and push us through. Good practice. Loved the energy and the enthusiasm and the competition. Guys are really warming up to it and getting a sense of what we're looking for in these designed drills and really meeting the challenge in terms of technique and intensity. Intensity is a big element in some of these scripted situations that we put the guys in.

Is having this extra week of practice as productive as you've hoped?
I don't view it as an extra week. It's just the first week. From that standpoint, it was a good start. But I'm not looking to judge it along the way. We'll judge it based on how we perform in stadiums because that's reflective of how our journey is once we get into the regular season.

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