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Chuck Noll Foundation announces contributions

Pittsburgh, PA –The Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research recently announced the launch of its inaugural grant cycle and a generous community-based contribution.

The Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research was announced in December 2016 by President of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arthur J. Rooney, II. In so doing, the Steelers pledged $1 million to the foundation, established in honor of the Steelers four-time super bowl coach and member of the Football Hall of Fame, Chuck Noll. John Denny, executive director of the Chuck Noll Foundation, announced the launch of the inaugural grant cycle.

The most recent community-based contribution to the Foundation was a $10,000 donation from the local chapter of The Circus of Saints & Sinners called the "Bob Prince Tent." Started in 1926, The Circus of Saints & Sinners is a national charitable organization that raises money for local charities and has local chapters referred to as "Tents," across the country. On July 25, the "Bob Prince Tent" honored nationally recognized neurosurgeon, Dr. Joe Maroon, who dedicated the proceeds from the event to the Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research. Maroon also serves on the Foundation's Medical Advisory Board.

"It was a unanimous decision to honor Dr. Maroon for his outstanding leadership in brain injury research, specifically his role in the development of the ImPACT test," said William Wolfe, President of the "Bob Prince Tent."

Board member of the Chuck Noll Foundation and former Pittsburgh Steeler Merril Hoge accepted the contribution and emphasized how grateful the foundation is for the level of community support it is receiving.

"This contribution and an earlier charity walk hosted by the Steelers—wherein 500 people walked in the pouring rain—shows why Pittsburgh is such a great place," said Hoge. "It also shows that all of us are committed to addressing the health and safety of athletes. That's why I'm so proud to serve on the Chuck Noll Foundation board."

"Just this week, we received almost two dozen proposals from leading brain injury researchers in the Pittsburgh academic and medical community," stated Denny. "The foundation will focus its initial grant making in Pittsburgh with a focus on improving prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of brain injuries related to sports activities. Pittsburgh is recognized as a national leader in sports related concussion treatment and research.  We are also fortunate to have such strong brain injury research across the spectrum."

More information on the Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research can be found at

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