Camp quotes from Le'Veon Bell


RB Le'Veon Bell

Is there anything about Jerome Bettis' game that you wanted to model your game after?
He's a closer. When your team was up in the fourth quarter and you needed to run the clock out, he was the guy. It's a big asset to a team to have a guy like that in the backfield.


Following a day off, the Steelers took to the Saint Vincent College practice field for another day in front of the fans.

What's the best piece of advice Jerome ever gave you?**
How I secure the ball. Not many running backs in this league get the ball 350 times and don't fumble once. That's something that he always preaches, and he loves that I do that.

Was he (Bettis) someone you looked up to when you were younger?
My whole family grew up Pittsburgh Steelers' fans, so I used to watch him all the time. He was on TV all the time, so I'd always watch him, and he was the running back I idolized growing up.

What do you remember from watching Jerome?
One memory I have of him is running over Brian Urlacher in the snow, with no sleeves on. That's why I don't wear sleeves when it's cold outside. I got it from Jerome.

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