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Camp Countdown: Wanting another one

As the Steelers prepare to head to Saint Vincent College for training camp, we are taking a look back at training camp from the Steelers Super Bowl seasons. Today's spotlight is the 1979 training camp.

* * *

The Steelers went into the 1979 training camp trying to do something no team in NFL history had ever done.

Win their fourth Super Bowl.

And they caught the attention of many around the NFL has they headed to Saint Vincent College. 

"If anything concerns me about the Steelers, it's that I just wish they weren't so good," said NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. "They've built a fantastic football team there. I don't want them to win too much. If helps fans in other cities when the Super Bowl trophy gets passed around the league a little more."

While Rozelle wanted the Steelers to share the glory, the Steelers were content being stingy.

Coming off a win in Super Bowl XIII, there was one goal in mind.


"From the feedback I'm getting from the veterans, they want another one," said Coach Chuck Noll. "That's a good sign. This is an ongoing thing. We've got to meet these challenges day-to-day as they arrive. You have to have the enthusiasm, the desire, the craving for victory.

"I think we're probably a little wiser having gone through that thing. You still have to have the craving for the contact, competitiveness, and the willingness to meet the challenge.

"We feel we've got a great deal of depth at every position with our rookies. We figure there is going to be a great deal of competition at a lot of spots. We've got young players who are ready to make the push to be starters. It's time some of them show they can take command on the field."

Take a look at Steelers Training Camp through the years

While training camp was base camp for beginning their 'defense' of being Super Bowl champions, defensive tackle Joe Greene was quick to point out that there is only one place that title is defended.

"It's nice to reflect on last year and what we accomplished then," said Greene. "But that won't mean anything to us this year. And we're not starting the defense of our Super Bowl now. You defend your title in the Super Bowl. We've got to take them one game at a time.

"You don't defend the Super Bowl during the regular season. You don't let the pressure of trying to defend it bother you before you get there. That's how you lost it. You defend it on the turf you won it.

"Football is a hard game, and the only way you're going to enjoy it is to realize all the rewards that go along with winning."

The Steelers realized those rewards in 1979, when they defeated the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl XIV, winning their fourth Lombardi Trophy as they defended their title in the right place.