Calipari still bleeds black and gold


Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari might wear blue and white these days, but he still bleeds black and gold.

Calipari, who is from Moon Township, Pa., was at Steelers training camp on Wednesday, making a trip he tries to on a yearly basis.

"Getting to see the coaches, getting to see Mike (Tomlin), getting to see Randy Fichtner and seeing all of the other guys is special," said Calipari. "This is the time of year when the excitement and energy is here.

"This is the Steelers, they are thinking about winning them all. They aren't just thinking let's get the season started and see how we do. This is the Steelers. You are talking about a championship organization.

"When we go on the road, half the building is cheering for us. It's like when the Steelers go on the road. I look here at practice and these are people who struggle to get tickets to the game and they come here. It's like midnight madness for us."

Calipari got a chance to talk with Steelers No. 1 pick Bud Dupree, who played at Kentucky, and is excited about what he brings to the team.

"He has the talent, but it's more than that at this level," said Calipari. "You have to have the mindset, the killer, the training. It's hard for young guys but I have a lot of confidence in him. He is a terrific player."

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