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Browns are talking about T.J., Cam and more

The Steelers take on the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night at Heinz Field in the AFC Wild Card Round, the third meeting between the two teams this season.

The Steelers won the first game at Heinz Field, while the Browns won in Week 17 in Cleveland.

But Sunday, things will be a little bit different. Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski won't be coaching because he tested positive for COVID-19, instead special teams coordinator Mike Priefer will be the acting head coach and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt will call the plays.

Stefanski spoke about the Steelers on Monday, prior to his positive test, and again on Wednesday after the news broke.

"We are going to Pittsburgh Sunday night to play a really good football team that we respect," said Stefanski. "I respect their coaching staff, I respect their players, and we just have to do everything we can to find a win."

The Browns also talked about T.J. Watt, Cameron Heyward, and more.

Coach Kevin Stefanski on the Steelers offense being more willing to throw the deep ball recently:
"I think they are capable of playing any style. They have the ability with the players they have and the scheme they have to chuck it 50 times, they can run it 50 times. I just think we have to see as we get in there early in that game, understand what their game plan is, how they are trying to attack us. I think they're capable of running it or passing it in any fashion they desire."

Running back Kareem Hunt on if the Steelers' defensive scheme causes the offense to adjust:
"They have a lot of different fronts. They line up very different. I would say so. It is a good defense."

Quarterback Baker Mayfield on T.J. Watt and Cam Heyward:
"Those two players are special guys, All-Pro guys that you have to know where they're at. You can't let them wreck the game."

Defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi on facing Roethlisberger, given how he has played against the Browns in the past:
"The biggest thing for us is just focusing on what we have to do. A lot of times, you can get caught up in everything else that is going on. We have respect for them. It has been kind of a one-sided battle for a long time, but this is a different team. That is it. It is just a different team. I think that you see it on the film, and you see on the field on Sundays. You just see the energy that the players, the coaches and just Cleveland in general has. Like I said, it is just a different team. Once again, we are looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity."

Tackle Jack Conklin on playing against Cameron Heyward and T.J. Watt this week:
"They are two really great guys, really good players. That is another challenge with how good they are at getting after the passer. It is going to be something that is obviously right in front of me with T.J. and having to go do that and then having Cam come in. It is another challenge, but we are up for the task. It is going to take a lot of studying and getting things ready this week to prepare for it, but it is playoff football. Anything can happen, and we are excited for the opportunity to play these guys, get the Steelers at full strength and show them what we can do."

Conklin on what makes Watt tough to block:
"It just really comes down to his speed. He does a really good job – it is impressive to see – of studying the teams and the tape. He does a really good job of timing up the cadence, getting off and getting up the field. You really have to be at the top of your game getting off of the ball, as well because, he is going to get full steam going and you have to beat him to that point."

Stefanski on if the Steelers offense looked different in Week 17 and how he discerns what may carry over this week with Ben Roethlisberger back:
"I think we expected it to look different with the change in quarterback, and we expect it to look different again this week. That is part of their job is to play to their players' strengths. We understand that may change. It is our job to put ourselves in their building, think like them and try and get a feel for what they may do this week. That is what we are going to work hard on. Like you mentioned, they had wrinkles with (Josh) Dobbs coming in there to run it. They absolutely could do that again this week or not. That is part of the preparation. There is the game theory in trying to understand what they are doing and how it informs your decisions and game planning."

Wide receiver Jarvis Landry on the best way to attack the Steelers defense
"It's tough. They do a lot of similar stuff, but in different ways. You never know what you are doing to get until after the first quarter, first couple series in a game. They have a great defense. A team that has always been like that as long as I can remember."

Ogunjobi on playing the Steelers in back-to-back weeks and what he expects from the matchup facing Ben Roethlisberger:
"That is a difference playing Ben, but just another amazing opportunity. Just kind of how the cards fell. It is just another opportunity to go out there and play Browns football. We are just excited for the opportunity. The job is not done."

Conklin on if the Steelers' defensive scheme makes the offense do anything differently to have success running the ball:
"With their scheme, we have to just look at it in a little bit different way. They are a very stout group. We obviously try to find ways to get them off the ball and get as many double teams and different things as we can just to move that line of scrimmage. Like you said, they are a good front. They create a lot of obstacles. Right now, we are going through it and trying to figure out ways to attack those obstacles."

Stefanski on the height of the Steelers receivers and the challenge it presents:
"Those balls that are up in the air and they are 50/50 balls, you have to go compete. Some of those big body wide receivers do a great job of trying to box people out. It is a challenge, and we totally understand that and have to work real hard to go get those balls."

Conklin on if the Steelers make it tougher to get outside in the wide zone running scheme than other opponents:
"They can. With the ends with how they play up the field a lot, they try to shut that down. That is one of their goals, to shut that down and stop us from doing it out there. It is also our goal to beat them at their own game. It is really on us to do that."

Hunt on what makes playing at Heinz Field so challenging and how it will be different with limited or no fans:
"Honestly, I am really not sure. They just come ready to play in their hometown. They are defending their stadium. That is a good football team. Every team who is home, you try to make it tough for anybody to play there."

Stefanski on the challenge the Browns face playing at Pittsburgh, given the number of years it has been since the team has won there:
"The challenge is playing a really well-coached team with a bunch of good players. That is the challenge. I understand the statistics are out there, but really not too concerned with the past."