Opponents on Steelers

Browns are talking about Pickett, Watt, Pickens

The Steelers take on the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football, a key AFC North matchup that always brings out the best in both teams.

The Steelers and Browns split the series in 2022, both teams winning at home.

Browns Coach Kevin Stefanski knows it's going to be a physical battle with what the Steelers do in all phases of their game.

"Great challenge this week, Monday Night Football, division game team that we know really well. They know us really well," said Stefanski. "Got a ton of respect for their team. It's a unique challenge in a bunch of different ways.

"Offensively, the things that they do for our defense, the things that they do – pre-snap, shifts, motions, really can be very challenging. Just the different things that they can attack you in the run game and the pass game. So, we have to be about our business there.

"Defensively, with their defense, with our offense – unique challenge with the players that they have. Minkah Fitzpatrick in the back end, I think is as good as anybody. The edge players that they have. Very stout, tough, physical defense, experienced corners. So really have to make sure that we have a tight plan going into that.

"And then special teams, they've always done a nice job, really, in all the phases. So got our work cut out for us, but we're looking forward to the challenge."

The Browns talked more Steelers, including weighing in on T.J. Watt, Kenny Pickett, George Pickens and more.

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski on if he expects quarterback Kenny Pickett to rebound this week:
"Yeah, that was a unique start to that game. It really got away from them early, so I think they – only rushing the ball 10 times, we don't expect that from them. So, he's a very good player. We've played him. We know what he's capable of. Athletic, can make every throw, fits their scheme really well, so we have to make sure we have a good week of practice."

Right tackle Dawand Jones on going against T.J. Watt on Monday night:
"Great player, great guy. I've been watching film nonstop. Had to be on top of it for sure this week. Knowing he has so many moves in his arsenal."

Jones on what makes Watt so good:
"Nonstop. He just does not quit. He has a motor of like of nonstop moves. My major thing is I need to limit him to some of them, use my length and my strength to by best ability."

QB Deshawn Watson on Steelers defense:
"A well-coached group that flies around that wants to create problems for the offense, try to create turnovers and put you in long distances so their front can get after you a little bit."

Running back Nick Chubb on the Steelers defense:
"Like always, they're always big, physical and very tough and they play hard. That's something that had to change since I've been here and something that we look forward to going up against."

Watson on T.J. Watt
"Yeah, I mean, he's defensive player of the year. If not the best player defensively, one of the top five defensive guys in the league. So, you have to give your respect to TJ and what he does, not just for himself, but for that organization. So, all respect to him and the things he does. But at the end of the day, you can't just revolve a game plan all around just one person because then you're limiting yourself. So, like we mentioned earlier, guys got to block one-on-one. Guys have to step up to the challenge and be able to do that. So, it's a great task, but you got to give his flowers to No. 90."

Chubb on the Steelers not having Cameron Heyward:
"Well, he's definitely a big player for them, but I'm sure those guys are pumped up coming off a loss like that. I'm sure they'll be ready to go against us no matter who's out there.

"I'm sure they have someone stepping in who will play just as hard and try to make as many plays as Cam did. Cam is definitely a great player. But I'm sure that team will be pumped up and probably even more motivated going to the game without Cam."

Linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. on why it's hard to win in Pittsburgh:
"Yeah. Just historic. You know for a long time, they had a top quarterback in the NFL in Big Ben (Roethlisberger), much respect to him. And then they were well coached. They do the fundamental things very well, and they don't beat themselves. So obviously, it's a huge challenge for us this week. Again, it's the next game, so it's a huge game for us. But last week, we don't want to put too much into that one. You kind of want to flush it and go to the next week, and obviously, it's another division opponent. You never want to take those games for granted. So, yeah, we have a huge challenge ahead of us, and I think we're ready for it."

Cornerback Martin Emerson Jr. on playing the Steelers:
"Big rivalry game, division game. We're looking forward to it."

Center Ethan Pocic on the Steelers overall:
"Yeah, Steelers are great. They're a tough team, tough defense. You know, great team like I said. So, it's going to be a fun one."

Stefanski on George Pickens and the Steelers receivers:
"Yeah, he's very, very challenging, as you know, because you can have him covered and he comes down with the ball. He's a great 50-50 ball receiver. He's very good with the ball in his hands. He can catch and run, so we know what he's capable of. And he's not the only one. Great tight end. They have multiple guys, Allen Robinson (II) or Calvin Austin (III). They have guys that can touch the ball on the outside. And really you have to be very cognizant of all their players. Not just one player, but Pickens is a great player."

Emerson on going against Pickens:
"Oh, man, he's a great receiver. I can't wait to play against him and line up against him and just compete."

Emerson on if a player like Pickens brings out the best in him:
"I'm the same guy every day, so of course I look up to a matchup like that. Just being a receiver that came out in my class, I feel like a lot of people when we traded back to pick me up, instead of grabbing him, I feel like a couple of people feel like that he should be here too. So obviously, it's a little chip on my shoulder when that matchup comes, but it's the same thing. Just another game, great opponent, and just going to get after it."

Jones on if Watt's quickness will be the biggest challenge:
"Like I said, using my length. He kind of leaves his chest open a little bit during the pass game. Using that. There are other things to it. Making sure I get back. He's a great player."

Jones on if he thinks the Steelers will move Watt around or if he will stay stationary:
"I think they'll probably put him majority on my side just because I'm younger, a rookie. They're going to try to definitely make me a target. But I got to step up to the plate, step up to the challenge. But they do have packages that they're going to move around so it comes with the game."

Pocic on offensive tackle Dewand Jones facing linebacker T.J. Watt:
"T.J. is a great player and Dawand's a competitor. So, it's just going to be one of those days where just come out and compete and play ball and have fun."

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