Brown always willing to help other players


LATROBE, Pa. – Antonio Brown remembers what it was like to be a young player in the NFL, looking up to others for leadership and guidance as his career got rolling.

Which is why he is always willing to reach out to other young players, from teammates to opponents to help them.

Brown was more than happy to welcome Dolphins second-year wide receiver Jarvis Landry into the fold when the two worked out together this offseason in Miami.

"I am always motivated to work with guys who have a belief in themselves to always want to get better," said Brown. "He is a great guy. He is a great competitor. He is a great young receiver. He is committed to being the best.

"Any time you come out on a hot day in Miami, in the afternoon, and display your will on the field and pick each other's brains to learn and get better. It speaks volumes of him. Iron sharpens iron."

For Landry, having someone like Brown at his fingertips to learn from was invaluable.

"It means the world," said Landry. "It means the world to have the opportunity to really work with a Pro Bowler, really work with somebody that you look up to and have an opportunity to just sit down with them and talk routes, talk what's going through your mind for this coverage, that coverage.

"Most of our conversations were just kind of mental approach that he took to the week that led into the game. He just always talked to me about be your own person, just be you. That's all I'm doing."

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