Boswell: 'It took a toll on me'

Chris Boswell's demeanor is calm, cool and collected. Whether he is facing making a game-winning field goal or kicking an extra point with the team up by 20, his attitude never appears to change.

Maybe that's because he knows what he is doing is playing a game he enjoys, a game that has brought him and his family happiness.

And, quite simply, it's a game. Life is so much more.

Boswell's laidback demeanor doesn't mean there isn't more to the young kicker's life. It doesn't mean the road has been easy. Because honestly, it hasn't the last few years when life took a crazy turn.

Boswell's father, Rick, was painting houses as a side job when he fell off a ladder almost two years ago, hitting his head and causing serious brain damage. He was hospitalized and put in a medically induced coma for two weeks because of the swelling.

There were some tough times, some trying times, some scary times.

"For the first week, we didn't think he was going to make it," said Boswell, who was with the Houston Texans at the time. "It happened the second day into training camp with the Texans. So I did my conditioning test and the next day I found out and my home wasn't far so after practice I could leave and be there with my family and stuff. It took a toll on me because I didn't really care about football. It's always family first. I did what I had to do with football, but I wasn't in the right mindset to be around football. Camp kind of took a different toll on me."

After some long days and nights, things started to take a turn. But things weren't the same.

"When he woke up he didn't know what year it was," said Boswell. "He thought it was like 1950 or 1960. Every day he woke up he kind of got closer to the real date."

The Steelers signed kicker Chris Boswell, a Fort Worth, Texas native who attend Rice University. Boswell spent some time on the Texans practice squad in 2014 and with the New York Giants during the 2015 preseason.

His memory has slowly come back, he is able to work again, and physically he is fine. But there is something different. It's not really something Boswell can completely explain, it's just that his father isn't the same person he was before the accident happened.

"Now he's fine, he has all of his memories, it's just he's just a different person," said Boswell. "His emotions are different, kind of the way he acts is different. Mentally he's a different person. To grow up with my dad, for 22 years, just for him to be a completely different person. It's taken some adjustment. He's still the fun loving guy he has always been, just got a different way about him now. It's just a little bit of adjusting. It all happens for a reason, and I've got to trust it."

The one it's been toughest on is Boswell's mother Dawn, who he has said is his inspiration and someone he has unlimited respect and admiration for.  

"To be married to him for 30 years and he has an accident and wakes up two weeks later and he's a completely different person," said Boswell. "It takes some getting used to and takes some adjustment and patience from my mom. All of this happened so suddenly. It's not his fault he changed, it's not her fault he changed. It was a freak accident. It's a tough road, but it's not anything impossible really.

"She never quit, she's never given up. She has her days when it's dark, but it's a bigger picture, better picture, happy, just hard."

The entire situation has given Boswell a completely different perspective on life, one where he appreciates every moment, every opportunity.

"Everybody says tomorrow is not always promised, but it's kind of more just talk," said Boswell. "To go through that kind of gave me a new meaning to that saying because I went to practice then next thing I knew, my dad, we were told wasn't going to make it. It definitely puts a different meaning to that whole concept." 

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