Berry ready for the next test


Earlier this week Coach Mike Tomlin was asked to evaluate punter Jordan Berry, who has had a strong first two weeks of the season. While he acknowledged he has done some things well, he held off on the evaluation for now.

"I am looking at a two-week body of work. I will hold judgment on that," said Tomlin. "I know he has done some nice things for us over the course of the first two weeks. I am interested in getting to know him as the environments change, we kick indoors, and we kick outside as the weather changes. I think we are going to get to know him as we continue through this journey."

That journey takes a new turn for this week when Berry will be punting inside in the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. It will be a test, but not as tough of one that many might think.

"For me it's just going to be the noise," said Berry. "In terms of the conditions that I am going to have to face, it's going to be one of the most ideal situations. There will be no wind and they have turf so you don't have to worry about the surface. Hopefully I can get out there and just do my thing and be fine."

So far Berry has been doing his thing, and that includes a 62-yard punt against the 49ers last week at Heinz Field. He said he knew right away that he hit it right.

"It's a pretty good feeling when the ball comes off your foot and that is what you are out here trying to do every day," said Berry. "You can feel it when it comes off your foot and if you hit it right or not. Right away you can see the trajectory that it is going. Once you see that you have an idea where it's going to hit and worry about the next thing. When you get to hit one in the game, and it comes off well, that is one of the best feelings you can get."

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