Berhe: 'It's a match made in heaven'

The beginning of Phase One of the offseason program means the beginning of a new journey for safety Nat Berhe.

Berhe signed a one-year deal with the Steelers earlier this month, after spending the previous four seasons with the New York Giants.

Like others new to the roster, Berhe is using this time to adjust not just to a new football atmosphere, but a new feeling all together. 

"I am getting to know everybody," said Berhe. "Getting to know the playbook. And figuring out where you fit and where you gel. Any time you make a change it's going to be tough. You just have to stick with it. It will work out."

The Steelers were a team Berhe had his sights set on well before signing during free agency. When he was coming out of San Diego State in 2014 he met with the team at the NFL Scouting Combine, and thought he would end up in black and gold back then. But instead the Giants made him their fifth-round pick, and Berhe's route to Pittsburgh was just slightly delayed.

"I met with them in the interview process back at the Combine," said Berhe. "I really liked them. I thought they were going to pick me.

"I met with Coach Tomlin, Dick LeBeau, who was the defensive coordinator. We just hit it off. I just enjoyed the conversation alone. It was enough for me to say I am on board. It's a match made in heaven now."

What makes the match perfect for Berhe is the style of defense the Steelers play. He prides himself on being a physical player, on defense and special teams, and the style of play the Steelers employ matches that.

"There is so much history here," said Berhe. "I love the style of play. I am a physical player. I feel like this defense fits my style. (I bring) tons of physicality. That is the name of the game. That is what I bring. Ever since I strapped on a helmet and shoulder pads that has been my calling card."

He earned the nickname 'The Missile' his rookie season, bestowed upon him by Giants safeties coach David Merritt. And with his style of play, it never changed.

"It all started with my first preseason game in the National Football League," said Berhe. "I was playing deep, half safety. It was a screen pass to the tight end. I came up and forced a fumble. My coach at the time said it was like a missile. And it just kind of stuck with me."

Berhe, who knows that special teams will be a key factor for him and is something he 'can do in my sleep,' said he already has a good feel for the atmosphere in the locker room and understands the ultimate goal.

 "It's a winning atmosphere," said Berhe. "It feels like a team. You want to bring a championship back. I just want to do my part." 

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