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Ben: 'We want to be the best in the league.'


QB Ben Roethlisberger*
*(On his first drive)
"As long as you score, it's feels pretty good. We had the two-point try and scored points. To me that's the most important thing. As a leader of this offense, you want those guys to be selfless like 'even if I don't catch a ball, it doesn't matter as long as we win.'  I think we have that in this group.  We have to keep getting everybody the ball and if they don't get it, we won't win football games."

(On QB Landry Jones)  "I thought he did some really good things.  He avoided some sacks and made some good throws.  You see him improve every single day if you watch practice."

(On K Garrett Hartley) "We hope to keep getting him some work, hopefully for one point instead of three.  But we embrace him as our guy now."

*(On progress of offense) * "We want to be the best offense in the league.  That's a goal that Coach Haley set out for us and it's not easy because there's always a bulls eye on our chest when you were good last year.  We still have the tools to do it, but we have to execute.  Tonight was a night that we executed but it doesn't mean it's going to happen every night."


QB Landry Jones*
*(On number of snaps taken tonight)
"I thought I did some good things tonight, but still a lot to work on. We didn't come up with the win.  That's what we're out here to do, but we came up short tonight."

(On influence of QB Ben Roethlisberger) "It's cool following a guy like Ben who's been in just about every game situation.  That's been good for me."  

OL Maurkice Pouncey
(On his thoughts on his performance tonight) "It feels good to get out of camp, it's just different seeing how the offense is going to roll out, but we did a good job coming out starting but we've got to see how the rest of the pre-season goes."

(On what the offense will build on after this performance) "We have a lot of stuff from last year that we have to build on and that we want to get better at. We have to check the film out and see what we did wrong today to where the mistakes were made and be ready to get back to work."

(On goals set for 2015) "We want to keep on a steady pace and do better than last year and correct the things we did wrong and get better in those areas especially the red zone."


LB Ryan Shazier*
*(On how he felt he performed tonight)
"I felt like I had a good game, there were some things that I messed up on that. I definitely need to capitalize on from this game and I need to watch the film and get better."

(On how he rates himself against former Steeler linebackers) "Well I really haven't played that much. I don't feel like I've earned that at all. It's just a lot of work. I have to do a lot of film study, but with talking with my coaches, I don't feel like I'm there yet."

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