Bell: 'This is the best I have ever felt'


Running back Le'Veon Bell arrived at training camp and was quickly surrounded by the media. Bell talked about coming to camp in good shape, what he deemed the best condition he has been in, and shared that and a little more.

Bell on reporting to camp:
"I am glad to get the year started. It's been a long offseason. I am glad to get back at it. This year I feel like I have been feeling so good. The last time I played football I was hurt. I am excited to get back out here and test myself."

Bell on being in good shape:
"This is easily the best I have ever felt. I am in the best condition I have ever been in my life so I am excited."

Bell on how many reps he needs in camp:
"It doesn't matter to me. I take all of the reps and learn from it. I have been watching a lot of football, a lot of myself from last year. The more reps I can get, the more practice I can get, it will make me a better player. If I don't get the reps I get rest."

Bell on running back DeAngelo Williams:
"Every now and then he has a question, but he is good at protections. He is not going to blow an assignment. He is learning the process. He is learning a lot and picking it up quick. He is a guy who has been in the league 9-10 years and when he comes into a game he knows what he is doing. He can help us win games."

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