Bell says injury is "nothing too major"

Running back Le'Veon Bell tried to put everyone's fears to rest over his knee injury, saying that it is "nothing too major," and he doesn't expect to miss too much time.

"It's not too bad. It's nothing too major," said Bell, a day after leaving practice early with the knee injury.  "I don't know the length or period of time, but it's not as bad as everybody thinks it is."

Bell said the injury occurred on a routine play that just resulted in him landing badly.

"I remember running the ball, I slowed down and got hit, guys are strong and big out here and they knocked me off balance and I fell awkwardly on my leg," said Bell. "It's something that happens, but I don't usually fall on it. But when I fell, I fell awkwardly."

Bell wants to play against the Washington Redskins on Monday night, but isn't making any promises. It's the same knee that kept him out of the preseason game against the Giants. He plans on following whatever advice Coach Mike Tomlin tells him in regards to playing.

"He is going to do what is best for me," said Bell. "I have to stand behind that, be supportive, more forward and try to progress."

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