Behind the Scenes: Taking of the Team Photo

By Teresa Varley

The Steelers team photo hangs in the team's practice facility each year, but when you look at it you don't often think about what went in to getting all of those guys organized for the right shot.

There is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

The photo was taken the day before the Steelers hosted the Texans and the original plan was do shoot it outside at the team's practice facility. But the threat of rain moved everything indoors once again.

Risers are set up in the indoor practice facility, an endeavor that takes a lot of muscle from Steelers staff moving them into place.

Each players name appears on a sheet of paper and is laid out where they are to sit or stand, with the layout prepared several days ahead of time. But even with the directions right there, and the players lined up in numerical order for the most part, it still takes some direction to get everyone lined up.

Team photographer Mike Fabus and intern Danielle Hudak oversee organizing the photo with help from the team's public relations staff.

For this year's photo Bruce Arians was the first coach to get in place while defensive end Travis Kirschke was the first player to roll in. Linebacker Arnold Harrison, who is on injured reserve, was the last player to get there.

Players make sure that they look good for the photo, and they are given plenty of advance warning for those who like to get a haircut before the picture is taken.

After the picture comes together it's on to group shots, with each position getting a photo taken with their coach.

Below are some shots from the taking of the team photo to show what happens behind the scenes.

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