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Asked and Answered

Asked and Answered: Nov. 20

Let's get to it:

EDITOR'S NOTE: On Dec. 24, the Steelers will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception with a game against the Las Vegas Raiders at Acrisure Stadium. On Thursday, Dec. 22, a special installment of Asked and Answered will appear on that will contain fans' stories and remembrances about that day 50 years ago. If you have a personal story, or one involving a family member or friend about the Immaculate Reception, you can use the form at the bottom to submit it for consideration.

RICHARD KAUFFMAN FROM CANONSBURG, PA: I know DeMarvin Leal was placed on injured reserve. What was the extent of his injury? Is his 2022 season finished?
ANSWER: DeMarvin Leal reportedly injured the meniscus in his right knee, had surgery to repair it, and was placed on injured reserve. He was brought off injured reserve to begin practicing on Nov. 16, which means the Steelers have 21 days to decide whether to add him to the 53-man roster or return him to injured reserve for the rest of the season. That 21-day window will expire on Dec. 7.

ROBERT SANDUSKY FROM WASHINGTON, PA: Upon looking at the box score following Sunday's victory over New Orleans, I noticed that Benny Snell Jr. was credited with two tackles for the defense. I'm assuming these were special teams tackles. Have players always been credited with defensive tackles for stops on special teams?
ANSWER: I don't know what website provided the box score you saw, but the National Football League Game Summary distinguishes between tackles made on defense, tackles made on special teams, and "miscellaneous" tackles, which cover things such as tackles made after turnovers. According to the NFL version, Benny Snell Jr. was credited with two special teams tackles.

DE LANO HULL FROM LOS ANGELES, CA: Can you name any former Steelers players (whether they left via free agency, release, or trade) who have gone onto have Pro Bowl/Hall of Fame-worthy careers with other teams? I can only think of Alan Faneca and Emmanuel Sanders.
ANSWER: This is another one of those questions that fails to recognize that the Steelers are in their 90th season in the NFL in 2022, which means there have been a lot of players traded or released in franchise history, and long before the advent of free agency in 1993. Here are two right off the top of my head: the Steelers drafted both Len Dawson and John Unitas. Dawson was traded to the Browns before making his way to Kansas City of the American Football League, and Unitas was cut without ever getting a chance to play, even in an exhibition game. Both quarterbacks are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

SCOTT DUNHAM FROM COOS BAY, OR: I want to plan a Pittsburgh vacation for next year that would include a tour of the Hall of Honor Museum. On the website, it shows the spring and summer months as not available. Is it fully booked, or is it closed during the offseason? I would also be interested in touring the stadium.
ANSWER: It's not fully booked, and it wouldn't be closed in the offseason. I just believe at this time, reservations for tours aren't being booked that far in advance. I would check back closer to the end of the 2022 season.

JOHN THOMPSON FROM CONNEAUT, OH: Why are the Steelers charging people to tour the new Hall of Honor Museum? What will they do with the profits?
ANSWER: Proceeds from the sale of tickets to tour the Hall of Honor Museum benefit the Art Rooney Scholarship Fund, which awards annual scholarships to needy high school students for college attendance. The scholarship award is in the amount of $20,000 per student, payable to the student's college or university in four annual payments of $5,000.

OWEN KELLY FROM KILKENNY, IRELAND: I have to ask this, and I apologize in advance to born and bred football fans all over the world who read Asked and Answered and live, breathe and bleed football but … do you think a football game is too long? If you do, what would you do to shorten it?
ANSWER: My opinion is that a three-hour game is a reasonable time investment, but what I fear is that the pro-instant replay people who always advocate for more instant replay reviews to cover more of the things that should be handled in real time by the on-field officials will add too much dead time to the length of games. I am an advocate of abolishing instant replay as an officiating tool and hiring and training and paying competent on-field officials who know the rules and can keep up with the speed of the game.

DAVID FECICH FROM CANTON, OH: Terry Bradshaw was a No. 1 overall draft choice and ultimately was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What other No. 1 overall draft choices are in the Hall of Fame?
ANSWER: Only 15 players in the history of the National Football League draft have gone from being the first overall pick of a draft to being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They are Peyton Manning, No. 1 overall in 1998; Orlando Pace, No. 1 overall in 1997; Troy Aikman, No. 1 overall in 1989; Bruce Smith, No. 1 overall in 1985; John Elway, No. 1 overall in 1983; Earl Campbell, No. 1 overall in 1978; Lee Roy Selmon, No. 1 overall in 1976; Terry Bradshaw, No. 1 overall in 1970; O.J. Simpson, No. 1 overall in 1969; Ron Yary, No. 1 overall in 1968; Buck Buchanan, No. 1 overall in 1963; Paul Hornung, No. 1 overall in 1957; Chuck Bednarik, No. 1 overall in 1949; Charley Trippi, No. 1 overall in 1945; and Bill Dudley, No. 1 overall in 1942.

KORKO CAMACHO FROM GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEXICO: I attended the Steelers vs Saints game with my family, the first for my children, and we spent an unforgettable weekend. It coincided with the opening of the Hall of Honor Museum, and it's incredible. Every Steelers fan should put it on their must-do list. The broadcast booth experience in the Museum is fantastic. After visiting the Museum, you know for sure that you are with the best team in the NFL. Thanks to all in the Steelers organization.
ANSWER: It's gratifying to hear that you and your family enjoyed the weekend.

JEFF SMART FROM EUSTIS, FL: With the 50th Anniversary of the Immaculate Reception coming up, what are your thoughts on the football that took part in the Greatest Play in NFL History?
ANSWER: My "thoughts" on the football? I'm pleased the football had the foresight not to hit the turf before Franco Harris could get his hands around it.

KEITH CLARK FROM BROOKLYN, NY: My question goes back 42 years ago to a Monday night game against the Raiders on Oct. 20, 1980. Early in the first quarter with Pittsburgh leading, 7-0, the Steelers recovered a Kenny King fumble. The team advanced the ball inside the Raiders 1-yard line on third down. Had Chuck Noll gone for it on fourth down and the team scored a touchdown to take a 14-0 lead, do you think Oakland still wins the game? I always said being up by 14 was much better than being up 10-0.
ANSWER: Wow, a 42-year-old version of the what-if game? That has to be some kind of record. I'll contact the people at Guinness World Records and check on it. I'll be in touch … in 42 years.