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Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders Part 1From Mike Mazanowski:

What does it take to become an elite wide receiver in the NFL?
Emmanuel Sanders: It takes hard work, dedication and trying to perfect your craft from a standpoint of catching 100 to 150 balls a day and going out and running routes. You always have to perfect your craft.

From Mike Murphy: With Mike Wallace gone, what do you have to do to help fill that void?
Emmanuel Sanders: I have to come in and make plays. I expect a 1,000-yard season from myself and I think the coaches expect 1,000-yard season from me also. I have to run my race, stay focused and continue to make plays.

From Jon Gladstone: Are you anxious to become a full-time starter?
Emmanuel Sanders: I am very anxious. It's something I have always looked forward to being in the National Football League. The time is here so I have to make the most of it.

From Ben Harrison: Do you feel like the receivers need to take it to another level this year?
Emmanuel Sanders: We have to take it to another level every year. Last year was an up and down season offensively for everyone. This year we are looking forward to making plays and being more consistent.

From Larry Era: How tough was it to deal with finishing last season 8-8 and not in the playoffs?
Emmanuel Sanders: It was tough. It was the first time since I have been in the NFL that I didn't make the playoffs. In the back of my mind I think about it constantly and that is why we worked hard this offseason so it won't happen again.

From Neil Cole: Do you sense this team has more drive, more passion after missing out on the playoffs last year?
Emmanuel Sanders: Yes, 8-8 was said through the locker room every day during the offseason while we were working out. We were embarrassed by that and don't want it to happen again.

From Greg Moore: What was it like to watch your bitter rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, win the Super Bowl?
Emmanuel Sanders: It hurt, but it didn't have anything to do with Baltimore. I don't want any team to win the Super Bowl unless it's the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have to be in there this year.

From James Porter: What motivates you?
Emmanuel Sanders: Wanting to become better, seeing improvement every day motivates me. I want to be the best that I can be. I am working hard, staying focused on a consistent basis.

From Ed Maxwell: What does it mean to you to wear No. 88, a number worn by Lynn Swann, one of the best receivers ever to play for the Steelers?
Emmanuel Sanders: It means a lot. At first I really didn't know too much about it, but now that I do wear it I know what it means to the fans and it's a number I take pride in wearing.

From Pat Shay: With you and Antonio Brown on the outside you guys are going to see a lot of two deep this year. Can you tell us how you and Ben Roethlisberger read a zone defense together to find those soft spots?
Emmanuel Sanders: It's based off the plays. In order to be good in this league you have to be able to read coverages. It's something I take pride in and something Ben takes pride in. We have to continue to work hard and understand this offense.

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