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Archer: 'Every snap is important'


LATROBE, Pa. – Dri Archer knows how valuable snaps are in the preseason. He knows they are key for preparation for the regular season, especially for a young player.

"Every snap is important. They are real important," said Archer. "You get your feet wet a little bit, get back to being used to playing football and see how things are going to go and how you are going to react to certain situations."

How he reacted was not bad at all.

With many starters not seeing much, if any playing time against the Vikings in the Hall of Fame game, Archer was all about taking advantage of every snap he got. And that he did.

Archer finished the game with six receptions for 33 yards, four carries for 24 yards. On a night the ball was being spread around to give young players a look, those numbers stood out.

"It felt pretty good to have a good start like that and build your confidence and move forward to next week," said Archer. "It was a good start. Having a game like that builds your confidence. You know what you are capable of doing and what you have to do to get it done.

"I have to pick up where I left off from last game. I have to keep working hard this week in practice. I have to continue to do what I do."

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