A new view: Thoughts on Ben, Heath and AB


Fox-TV play-by-play announcer Kenny Albert will be part of the broadcast team covering the Steelers-49ers game on Sunday at Heinz Field, and before he calls the action he took time out to talk about the Steelers.

In this segment Albert chatted about the Steelers offense, including quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, tight end Heath Miller and receiver Antonio Brown.

Here are Albert's thoughts:


On the evolution of Roethlisberger: **"When you look at his body of work, all the division titles, championship games, winning two Super Bowls, he is one of the top quarterbacks of this era. When I think back to that 2004 draft, Ben and Eli Manning and Philip Rivers, I think you have to put that up there with all of the great quarterback drafts of all time.

"This week he has an opportunity to tie Terry Bradshaw's franchise record for wins with 107. I think the numbers speak for itself. Then just the praise you hear from opposing coaches. (Patriots Coach) Bill Belichick for example leading into the game last Thursday night talking about how difficult it is to bring him down and the size and strength he brings to the quarterback position. When we think back to this era of quarterbacks, his name will be right at the top of the list."

On his ability to escape defenders:"You think back to some of the plays we have seen, some of the things he has done in the playoffs, and not many guys can do that. He is among a select group as far as that goes. He brings the full package. The ability to escape and the strong arm as well. For an opposing coach, he is one of the last guys you want to have to prepare for."


On Miller's durability and continued success in his 11th season: **"He is Mr. Reliable, the consistency he brings. He was a first round draft pick back in 2005 so they certainly had high hopes for him and he has lived up to the billing. He is the complete package, whether it's receiving, blocking. He is a fan favorite as well. He is one of those constants that brings it week in and week out."

On what he still sees from Brown as far as untapped potential:
"He is still pretty early in his career, and the numbers are obviously impressive. All of the streaks he has, it's impressive. As I mentioned with Heath, consistency, reliability, you can use those same words to describe Antonio. And a guy who probably had something to prove as a sixth-round pick. Size was probably looked at as an issue. Now six years later he is a three-time Pro Bowler. He is also a threat to throw the ball. He is a dual threat."

On Brown's work ethic:

"I think that comes with having something to prove, being a later round pick, not just in football but in all sports. They have a lot to prove and he certainly is in that group."

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