A look back at Week 2 of OTAs

It's a hockey night:Receiver Antonio Brown has become a regular at Consol Energy Center cheering on the Penguins during the Stanley Cup Finals, and he will be pulling for them again tonight when they take on the San Jose Sharks on the road in game three of the series, even if he is just watching from home."I enjoy being a fan," said Brown. "I am one of those fans that when you go to the game you get excited to see the team win. I am just excited to be here in Pittsburgh enjoying the championship environment. The Penguins are getting the whole city excited. I am excited."


Next in line:** The departure of Steve McLendon, who signed with the New York Jets during free agency, has opened the door for third-year defensive tackle Vince Williams to step to the plate.

"It meant it was time for me to step up," said McCullers. "I am next in line. I was behind him, and when he left I knew it was my time to step up and be a starter.

"I have to keep working on fundamentals. My technique, staying low, my hand usages. When I do that I feel like I can be a pretty good player."One goal: Linebacker Ryan Shazier wants one thing and one thing only this year…to win the Super Bowl.

"I want to get this team to the Super Bowl," said Shazier. "I am going to do whatever I have to do to get this team there. My one goal is to get this team to the Super Bowl and win it."

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