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Asked and Answered

A chance to pay tribute to Dan Rooney

Asked and Answered typically is a forum for fans to ask questions about the Steelers and the NFL, but as a tribute to Chairman Dan Rooney the format will be changed for the Tuesday, April 18 installment.

For that particular Asked and Answered, fans will have an opportunity to submit a tribute to Dan Rooney, to express their sympathy, to relate a personal anecdote about him, or an encounter with him.

Please do not pose any questions, because in this particular Asked and Answered, it will be about remembering and/or paying tribute to a man who not only was an NFL titan but also a man who led the Steelers into an era of unprecedented success that continues to this day.

Please use the form below to submit your tribute to Dan Rooney, and try to do so promptly in order for it to be considered for this special installment of Asked and Answered.

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