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7 on 7: What Makes Ben, Ben


LATROBE, Pa. - He is the field general, the player who makes it all happen for the offense. He is calm, cool and collected, with the ability to change the game with his arm, his feet and his demeanor.

It's what makes Ben, Ben. And his teammates shared what makes Ben Roethlisberger special.

Markus Wheaton: "Ben is a playmaker. I think any call is a good call when Ben is throwing the ball. He can make changes for you at the line, he can break tackles, and he can keep the play going for much longer than he should. That is Ben."

Will Johnson: "He does unreal things. He is pretty special with the things he can do as far as escaping and eluding the pocket. He has a great arm, makes unbelievable throws and is the complete package."

Antonio Brown: "It absolutely amazes me every time he makes a huge play. He is back there shaking off defenders, being able to throw the ball down the field. He just continues to get better, evolve, play hungry and be motivated."

Heath Miller: "The way he does things that aren't on script. That sets him apart from most every other quarterback. He can execute plays as drawn, but if something were to break down or he is out of the pocket, he is one of the best at extending the play and making people pay."

Maurkice Pouncey: "He makes football easier. He is a great leader. He does things the right way. I have been around him a long time and I really appreciate having him around."

Dri Archer: "He is smart. He knows the game. He does a great job, knows when to keep plays alive."

Matt Spaeth: "He has so much experience at this point. He has played in all of the big games. He has been through it all. He can handle anything we see out there and you need that in a leader."

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