3 Tomlin takes include No. 2 QB talk

  • Teaching continues: The second day of Steelers' minicamp is in the books, and in the words of Coach Mike Tomlin there was "nothing of any significance to add." That can be a good thing during offseason workouts, when the key factor is to make progress in a teaching mode, while not having any type of setbacks. * "*We are still out here in the same spirit, just competing and teaching," said Tomlin. "Every time we snap the ball, we present a new scenario to them as an opportunity to get better. That's with two-minute scenarios, which are great for young guys, quarterbacks and so forth. It has been a good couple of days. Hopefully we will finish with a good, strong day. I appreciate the fact that the weather worked with us today."
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Sorting out the QBs:** Speaking of quarterbacks, Tomlin said he hasn't given any thought yet as to how the number two and three quarterbacks will play out, with Landry Jones and Bruce Gradkowski the two returning quarterbacks, and Dustin Vaughn the second-year quarterback in the mix.

"I haven't even really thought about it in that perspective," said Tomlin. "Sometimes when you start to try to shake those things, you make the story. We snap the ball enough. Those things will become very evident. In some instances, painfully evident. That's just a part of the process. I make a conscious effort to go into it in that spirit, just to continually snap the ball and put guys in competitive situations, and let their play sort them out. Thankfully there is quite enough time for that. The schedule allots that. That's why we really enjoy training camp and the process that it is."

Making snaps count: Jones is a player who took advantage of his snaps last year in training camp and the preseason, getting what Tomlin joked was probably a record number of snaps for any quarterback in the preseason in NFL history. Jones turned those snaps into playing time last season when injuries hit, and that playing time is something Tomlin things should benefit him this year.

"You would think so. Common sense would suggest so," said Tomlin. "The proof is in the pudding. We will see moving forward. Oftentimes guys take snaps and run with them, and that experience changes them forever in a positive way. That's our hope in regards to some of the playing opportunities that he had a year ago. I know he delivered for us some. Hopefully that's a springboard moving forward."

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