3 things Will Gay will miss about camp


LATROBE, Pa. – The reaction is what I expected. I asked William Gay the three things he was going to miss about training camp and he threw his head back and laughed. Then he looked at me and laughed again.

Some behind the scenes images from Steelers Training Camp.

And then, he shared one thing he will honestly miss, and two that you can't blame him for not missing.  

  1. "The fans. Them I really will miss. It's cool to have them here. It gives you a little bit of a game atmosphere. Even though they cheer for the offense, it's cool to have them here."
  1. "Sleeping in my little cot. I don't rent a bed. I always want to remind myself this is training camp. It's not somewhere you need to be comfortable. The only thing I rent is a television."
  1. "Cafeteria food. I don't cook a lot. I go out to eat a lot at home."
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