3 things Tomlin likes about camp


LATROBE, Pa. – The Steelers are back at camp this morning, and while it's something players might complain about, coaches feel the opposite. They love training camp, and just about everything that comes along with it.

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin shared what he likes about training camp, and honestly, he could have gone on for a lot longer than he did.

"The easier thing for me is what I don't like about camp because that is probably easier," said Tomlin. "There isn't much I don't like."

But what does he like about camp? Tomlin shared three of his favorite things.

  1. "I love the conditions," said Tomlin. "I think any time you get an opportunity to practice in front of fans it adds a little bit of energy to the atmosphere that you don't get when you are working at home."
  1. "I like the solitude of football and football only," said Tomlin.
  1. "I love the informal contact that you get with the guys," said Tomlin. "Formal time on the field and in the classroom is important, but informal time whether it's in the cafeteria or sitting around the dorm in the evening is beneficial to teams and individuals."
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