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3 things that ring the bell for Le'Veon


He might only be in his third season with the Steelers, but running back Le'Veon Bell has a great grasp on what make the team click. And it's not just one unit or one player that makes it tick for him. It's everyone working together.

Bell shared the three things he likes about this year's team, and what makes them the group they are.

  1. "I really like our chemistry," said Bell. "We are real close. You see guys watching film together. Our chemistry is going to help us win games."
  1. "The way we compete," added Bell. "Guys try to make each other better. It's like when Lawrence Timmons and I go against each other. We both want to win the battle, but we learn off each other, counter what the other does. Competing is what we do."
  1. "The other thing has to be my offensive line," said Bell. "Those guys are still going to ride it out for me. (Maurkice) Pouncey goes down and a leader goes down and we are going to miss him a lot. The next guy up. We have to be able to come out here and run the ball against anybody and we still have the guys to do it."**

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