3 things Shazier likes about the defense

Linebacker Ryan Shazier has already noticed a difference in the Steelers defense this year, and they are differences that he hopes will help the team reach their ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl.

The Steelers prepare for the Week 3 preseason matchup against the New Orleans Saints.

Shazier brought up some of those changes while sharing the three things he likes about the 2016 defense as the team prepares for the regular season.

  • "The first thing I like is this defense is a pretty fast defense," said Shazier. "We all have an understanding of what we want to do. That makes us faster. We all trust in each other more than we used to and that makes us faster. Speed is a big factor. Once you have intensity and skill, speed takes it to another level. You can cover ground faster and guys have to respect you."
  • "The second thing, we love to hit," said Shazier. "A lot of us aren't scared to hit. In any situation we are good to hit. If one guy doesn't bring it, another one will. At anytime a guy is going to bring it. We have no fear hitting."
  • "The final thing I like is we have great chemistry," said Shazier. "We have a lot of chemistry now going right. We understand where everybody is going to be. We have a good nucleus. We are familiar with each other, more familiar than we have been. We understand each other better than we have. We are brothers. That is going to help us be one of the better defenses in the NFL."
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