3 things Boykin likes about joining the Steelers


LATROBE, Pa. – It only took one practice for cornerback Brandon Boykin to know he loves playing for the Steelers. Coming off the field, and as Steelers fans cheered for him, he shared three reasons why he is now excited to be in the black and gold.

Here is what he had told me has made an impact on him so far:

  1. "The atmosphere. Everybody welcomed me. They all approached me, welcomed me and said this is how we do it here, you are going to love it."
  1. "The attitude towards football here is fun. People are coming out here in whatever your swag is, wearing fun socks, as long as you are making plays. It's great they keep it fun because these camp days get a little rough."
  1. "And the coaches. There is a lot of attention to detail. For me coming in new that is what I need and I picked up on a lot of stuff already. I was able to get in there and play at game speed already so it was good."
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