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3 takes from NFL Network's Mike Mayock


LATROBE, Pa. – NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, who was with the Steelers in training camp in 1981, visited camp on Monday as a part of the network's coverage.

Mayock took time out to give a few observations about the 2015 Steelers, including some strengths and areas where work is needed.

Here are Mayock's three takes:

  1. "They have to develop defensively. I don't think there is any doubt they are going to score points offensively, they have one of the best offenses in the league and should be one of the top three teams in the league in scoring. It really comes down to the defense."
  1. "Defensively, when you dig in to it, can they get more pressure on the quarterback? They drafted an outside linebacker in the first round in Bud Dupree who is a talented kid. How effective can he be? Is Jarvis Jones, the first round pick from 2013, going to be a bust or is he going to be a player? The corners, I have no idea who is going to play for them. I love the trade for Brandon Boykin. He is a quality nickel that might get the chance to compete on the outside. They have to get better at outside linebacker and they have to get better at corner. Stephon Tuitt needs to step up and play well.

"The overview of that is if you add it all up they have to get a lot more disruptive. They have to take the ball away and they have to pressure the quarterback."

  1. "Offensively I think their skill position group is as good as anybody in the league. The Steelers and Green Bay have the best skill position players in the league. I like how their offensive line has continued to develop and I would love to see what the role for Dri Archer is going to be."

The Pittsburgh Steelers continue training camp with their sixth straight day of practice in pads.

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