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3 more takes from Canton


CANTON, Ohio - Three more takes from the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio ...


VETERAN PERSPECTIVE:** Outside linebacker Arthur Moats saw "a good amount of mistakes offensively and defensively," in the preseason opener.

"For me, tackling," Moats added.

But Moats maintained this year's extra preseason affair ought to pay dividends down the road.

"I felt like we did some good things out there but there are plenty of things we have to get corrected," he said. "That's the beauty of the preseason; it's almost like a dress rehearsal.

"The first preseason game you really just wanted to see the guys in live action against another team, make sure they're playing fast. I felt we accomplished that. This gives us an extra advantage because we have an extra game to get prepared facing other competition. I believe it's going to help us out in the long run."

HOME GAME: In keeping with what has become a franchise tradition, Steelers fans showed up in force and took over the Hall-of-Fame induction ceremony and the game.

The overflow of support didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.

"It was a nice atmosphere, one that we respect," Tomlin said. "Obviously, with Jerome being enshrined in the Hall of Fame we expected Steeler Nation to do what they do.

"We don't take it for granted but we've come to expect it."

OFF AND RUNNING: Wide receiver Sammie Coates caught one of the four passes launched in his direction, but to Coates the chance to play for the Steelers against the Vikings was about much more than just numbers.

"I got to compete for the first time and play my first NFL game," he said. "I know I have a lot to still work on. I'm going to continue to get better and continue to fight to get my job done. It's a great opportunity, a great blessing to be here. Keep taking advantage of all the chances I get and I gotta get better each day."

The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Minnesota Vikings to kick off the 2015 preseason in the NFL/Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

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